Documentation and Publications

Galois and our partners have been using Cryptol as a platform for active research for over a decade.

Programming Cryptol

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Our goal in Programming Cryptol is to both teach you the Cryptol language and provide a reference text for the use of the Cryptol system.

We demonstrate Cryptol in action via normal programming problems, traditional cryptographic techniques (such as substitution ciphers), historical cryptographic mechanisms (such as the Enigma), and modern algorithms (such as DES, SHA, and AES), focusing on how they are elegantly modeled using the Cryptol language.

Since our emphasis is on programming, we introduce some of the techniques that are useful for the working programmer, including the use of Cryptol’s validation and verification tools that directly support high-assurance programming.

Differences between Cryptol versions 1 and 2

A summary of the changes made in Cryptol version 2.


Some of the material below refers to details and capabilities of Cryptol version 1 that are not yet available in Cryptol version 2.

Case Studies and Whitepapers

Research Publications

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